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About Ibogaine

Ibogaine Therapy MAPS has completed two observational studies of the long-term effects of ibogaine treatment on patients undergoing therapy at independent ibogaine treatment centers in Mexico and New Zealand. Ibogaine for sale Image: Christopher Hansen Data from these studies contribute to the growing scientific literature about ibogaine as a treatment for drug addiction. Mexico: Thomas Kingsley […]

LSD could make you smarter, happier and healthier. Should we all try it? Researchers are again exploring the therapeutic possibilities of psychedelics. In 1970, Congress dropped psychedelics into the war on drugs. After a decade of Timothy Leary, “The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test” and news reports of gruesome murders, the federal government declared that the drugs […]


10 HEALTH BENEFITS OF MUSHROOMS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT! That delightful addition to your omelette or pizza is more than a great topping Where to buy magic mushrooms …it might just be medicinal. Even your grocery store button mushrooms have medicinal goodness, but some varieties, like reishi and lion’s mane, may even help balance […]

Effects of DMT

What is DMT N-Dimethyltryptamine, commonly known as DMT, is a powerful Hallucinogen (what does dmt look like). DMT is one of the active ingredients in the ayahuasca plant. Recent research has discovered that our bodies creates DMT naturally, but not enough to exert any hallucinogenic effects. Until the chemical itself was synthesized in a laboratory and available […]

PCP High

WHAT DOES A PCP HIGH FEEL LIKE? Phencyclidine, more commonly known as PCP or “angel dust,” is a mind-altering, illicit drug. buy pcp drug near me is known as a hallucinogenic drug, seeing as it causes changes in perception and auditory and visual hallucinations. When used recreationally, PCP is generally smoked, though it can be […]

3 Psychedelic Stocks to Buy for HUGE Gains in the Shroom Boom Psychedelic drugs are losing their negative stigma, paving the way for major gains in psychedelic stocks By Luke Lango, InvestorPlace Senior Investment Analyst Oct 26, 2020, 8:52 am EST Source: Shutterstock Editor’s Note: “3 Psychedelic Stocks to Buy for HUGE Gains in the Shroom Boom” […]

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